Webmaster Tools In Google

What is google webmaster tools

google webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools is an important free tool by google for webmasters. It is otherwise called Google Search Console. Webmaster tools are designed to give a picture on how a website is seen by a search engine. You can see how many impressions your site is generating in search engine, by keyword or by page. Google webmaster tools also provide click-through rates. If any technical problem with your site Google webmaster tools account will send notifications.

Webmaster Tools provides the following information like,webmaster tool uses

Crawling – Give information on which pages search engines are unable to crawl. If a search engine  cannot crawl a website, it will affect the website’s page ranking.

Links – Links are essential for a successful website. Webmaster Tools can show if there are  broken links. It can also show how many internal links each page has.

Site Configuration – Submitting a sitemap to google is a very good way to ensure all of the pages to a website are indexed by google.

Diagnostic Problems – Webmaster Tools will send out a notification if the webpage is infected with malware. It also point out any errors on the HTML of the website.

How To Add And Verifie A Website Into Google Webmaster Tools

add google webmaster tools

  • First sign in to Google Webmaster Tools with your google account.
  • Click on the Add a Site button.
  • Type the URL of the site you want to add.
  • Click to Continue.
  • Then the site verification page will open.
  •  In the name box type the name for your site.
  •  Select the verification method you want and continue the following instructions.

Google Webmaster Tools Vs Google Analytics

Google Analytics also an important free tool from google. Google Analytics reports on how website users interact with your site while Google Webmaster Tools reports on how search engines interact with your site.

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