How To Add Blog Posts In WordPress

A Brief History Of WordPress

google wordpress

WordPress is a free popular blogging system or a publishing platform. It was released on 27th May 2003 by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress started as simple blogging system and now it is a world wide using system. It is an user friendly publishing platform.

Features of WordPress

  • Publish and edit posts.
  • Sort articles in categories.
  • Manage user’s access
  • Change your website themes and more.

If we want to publish a blog post in wordpress, initially we need to create an account in wordpress.

How to create a wordpress account

signup wordpress

  • Enter the url
  • Select create an account option or sign up option
  • Choose a theme otherwise skip the option
  • Then add a domain or keyword.
  • Choose a plan which you want.
  • Then the administration panel will open.

How to Create a WordPress Post

administration panel wordpress

  • First login to the wordpress account by using your Email and password.
  • WordPress account is open with Dash board or administration panel.
  • Click on the “ blog posts” tab
  • Then  click on the sub-tab “Add New”
  • Then the main post adding box will open.
  • First enter the post title on the top of the box
  • Then enter the sub headings and content
  • Add category, tags etc.. from the below section of post.
  • If you complete all the steps and you are satisfied with your post , you can Publish it.

Options In Post Field

  • Title/Headline Box – Place to add the title of your page.
  • Content Writing Box – Place to add your content, images, links etc …
  • Preview button – Used to view the post before publishing
  • Save – Allow to save your post as draft.
  • Publish – Used to publish your post.
  • Categories And Tags

categories and tags







Top of the content writing page contains many other options like image adding option, link adding option, spell checker, word counter etc… to improve the content of the blog. You can use wordpress as blog, gallery, rating website, etc…

I have already published a blog post about Google Webmaster Tools.


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